Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm starting to get a little homesick. I've downloaded skype, so that I can video chat with family. It got me a little more homesick seeing my actual home and my actual home. Its so different just talking to someone than it is seeing them as you are talking to them. Its pretty cool, but it makes me miss my family a lot more. 
I do really like working here in Hawaii, its really fun, but I miss having  a job that makes me money, or having a job where I get to go to my own house every night, or living somewhere that doesnt make me pay a thousand dollars to go visit my friends or family. 
Well, on to the more upbeat things. Bailey gave me a task for the week--take 20 original pictures of you doing things--in other words--stop 
google image searching the thi
ngs that I do, and posting random pictures of random people doing the things I do. So, i dont think the week is quite up since i received that task, but I did get a few original pictures. Two of which will replace the picture from my Waimea Bay post, since I actually got some pictures of me jumping off of the huge rock. 
Also, I auditioned for the part of an extra on Night Rider last week, it was hectic to get there, since I dont have a car and the audition was about an hour away. My boss had told me that I could use his car, and I told him the specific time i needed it and he said it was perfectly fine, but I went to get the keys and he was gone. He had taken his c
ar to the grocery or
 something and wouldnt be back for an hour. I had to be at the audition between 11 and 2, and it was about 12, 
so I had to find another way to get there. I asked around, but no one had a car that would make it that far (the beauty of north shore vehicles--they only get along the north shore). Shestin told me I should try asking Roy. Roy is a director who I dont really know that well, an
d I was highly doubting he would lend me his car--especially since it is the newest car that anyone owns on camp. Shestin told me that I might as well try. So, I went to Roy's office and here is how the convo went:
Me: Hey, Roy...I have a question to ask you, and I completely understand if you say no....
Roy: Uh...Yea?
Me: Is there any way that I could borrow your car?
Roy: Uh...No.
Me: Okay, thanks anyway.
(I start to walk out the door)
Roy: Why do you need it?
Me: I have this audition in town for a part of an extra in a tv show.
Roy: Am I your last resort?
Me: Yea...But really, dont worry about it if you dont want me to. I understand.
Roy: I never do this.
Me: Okay, thats fine.
Roy: I'll go get the keys. Just remember that this is the only time. I dont want to ruin your chance at an oscar.

So, I got the keys and drove into town. Went to the audition, which consisted of going in, getting a digital picture taken, being asked a couple of questions, then leaving. I got back to the car and couldnt f
ind the keys, so i started freaking out. I emptied my purse and searched for them but they were nowhere to be found. finally I noticed that there was hole in the side pocket. The keys had slipped between the outer layer and the lining of the purse. it was a close call. Well, I dont think i got the extra part, cause they were supposed to film today (or maybe by chance they postponed because of the storm coming through), and I am going to
 blame it on the fact that I had to work that morning so there was no way of me looking my best and making it on time, so I looked very much like I had been running around all morning, which i had been doing. Yea, Ill blame it on that. But, I am still in the casting agency's casting pool for extras, which is pretty cool. I am also in the extras casting pool and the speaking part casting pool for Lost. The woman I talked to from Lost was awesome, and i talked to her for like half an hour, so I'm hoping she remembers me when she receives my resume and head shot. They are supposed to be filming a lot in November, so hopefully ill have a good chance of at least being in the background, especially since they film a lot here on camp and that would be super convenient for me, since I dont own a car.
So, onto other things.  I went 
to dinner and a movie with two of my friends last week, Kyle and James. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays. Kyle really wanted to go to Chilis, and thank god James hates chilis, cause I do too, and I didnt want to be the one to tell Kyle that there was no way I was going there. So, Kyle settled for Ruby Tuesdays. The thing I love about kyle is that he is super positive about everything. It was so funny when he ate his pasta and react
ed like it was the best thing he had ever eaten. He describes everything by saying "this is bomb." Its ridiculous. We went to see the movie Quarantine, which was absolutely awful, but James and I agreed that it was worth spending the nine and a half dollars to see Kyles reaction. He was freaking out every ten minutes and screaming like crazy. It was hilarious.
Sorry about the awful transitions with this post, but im just kinda writing whatever pops into my head.
I went into Waikiki with Kyle the other day, and it was 
awesome, where else can you go to a big city, and there is a beach right there, inbetween two concrete buildings. the thing about the concrete buildings is though, they are really nice and clean. Its a beautiful city. The shops are absolutely awesome. There are a ton of surf shops, and the clothes in them are amazing. Im probably going to end up going back before i leave and get some christmas presents for people from there. Kyle and I also had the best shave (not shaved--they call it Hawaiian Shave Ice here) ice--it was ice, with mango sorbet and fresh mangos ontop. It was soooo good. You have no idea. We also had really cheap chinese food in China town that was awesome as well. I was really proud of myself on my trip to waikiki, because as much stuff as I wanted to buy, i only ended up spending 30 dollars. I feel like that was an amazing feat. 
Ive been hiking 
to Ka'ena point a lot with kids, and got an awesome picture of a monk seal, it was only like 10 feet away. 
Oh my goodness it was cute. 
So, thats all I have for to
day, Id rather not keep rambling on, since I already did so much and its probably gotten boring. Ill try to keep up with my blog a little better from now on. I miss all of you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lo'ihi Pule (Long Week)

As promised, here is a new post.

Its been a crazy week. We had two big schools here this week, as well as an intercession camp. Here's how my past week went....

Sunday-Monday: Kyle, James, Claire, and I (somewhat illegally) camped out on the northwestern most tip of Oahu. As soon as you get to the end of Farrington Highway (the road Camp Erdman is on), the paved road turns into a dirt road, so bumpy that it seems they could run dirt bike competitions on it. From the end of the road to Kaena Point is about a 2 mile walk, over bumpy dirt roads. We were hoping someone in a four wheeler would st
op and pick us up so we wouldnt have to walk to the end, but no such luck. We climbed through some crazy bushes, 
trying as hard as we could to avoid centipedes. I still have scratches on my legs from the crazy climb. We hung out and watched the sunset, then just stayed up talking for a while. We set up a tent on a concrete bunker but didnt realize how big the tent was til we took it out of the bag. It was absolutely huge, and bright blue. Thank God no helicoptors, otherwise we probably would have been forced down from our camping spot, since we were camping in a state park. We woke up to sunrise, which was amazing, and then we headed back to camp.

Tuesday-Thursday: Crazy week, two huge schools came and I worked a lot, but it was still fun. I'd rather not relive any of it through writing though, so ill keep on to...

Friday: My birthday was wonderful. In the morning I led international games, where we played Captain Midnight and The Pony Game. Unfortunately, both of those games include a lot of running and screaming. Since my voice was already going, I ended up having to speak with my lungs. My abs are killing me because of it. My friends took me out to dinner at a Mexican bar called "Cholos," it was a lot of fun. I opened presents from the family after that and they were all perfect. I even got some Kettle Corn popped fresh from mom. It will probably all be gone soon. I got some awesome boardshorts, a cute purse, some money, some card games, and a few other things. They were all exactly what I wanted. :) Three of us hung out on the beach after dinner and just talked all night. It was really cool cause there was a full moon, so It was still bright outside. Everything looked bright blue. It was amazing.

Saturday-Sunday: Alpine Tower Training. It was a little frustrating, since I already know how to belay, but I had to go through it anyway. I got a few awesome things out of it though. First off, I climbed the most difficult part of the tower (the vertically hanging logs). I got a huge gash on my leg from something on the tower, but it was totally worth it. Secondly, I got 2 free lunches out of it. One of the part timers decided to go into town both days for lunch and invited me along. He was really interesting and had his business pay for my meal since he needed to spend more money for his business by the end of the year, so he was finding excuses. Third, I also met a guy who is a stunt man/cliff diver/film location manager who got me the hook up to the LOST casting studio. He gave me the number and told me they are looking for new faces, so I will be calling ASAP to make an appointment. So even though the training was kind of boring, I got something out of it. 

Monday: Today is my day off. I am supposed to go surfing, but the waves are like 10-14 feet, so I will probably just stay on the beach. I wish I could take on huge waves like that, but Im not about to risk it.