Sunday, November 2, 2008


To start, the title of this means "whats the scoop" or "whats going 
on" in Pidgin--the local hawaiian slang.

So, amazing news. The minute after I posted my last blog, I got a call from the casting agent for Knight Rider. She asked me to be at the shoot within the hour. I got dressed, found a ride and got to the Turtle Bay Resort (one of the nicest on the Island), and went straight into hair and makeup. Then onto wardrobe. Seriously, hair, makeup and wardrobe. How awesome is that? Then I went on set. The first scene took place in a restaurant in Washington D.C. I have no idea why they decided to film it at a resort on Oahu, but oh well. The second scene took place at the beach club outside of the resort. After I got into a second outfit and visited hair and makeup once more, i headed to the beach party and was paired to be with a guy named Reid. He was really nice, and actually reminded me of the Hawaiian version of Matt from Wesleyan. We basically stood and talked the entire time, and tried to manipulate ourselves so that we would be in the view of the camera. It was awesome. We both tried to point out the famous people and didnt recognize them, but later we used his iphone to find out that it was actually most of the actor's first principle parts. It was still awesome though. I cant even describe it. Hopefully Lost will call when they start filming. A few of the other extras had been recurring roles in Lost, and told me I had a really good chance of them calling me, cause they really needed new faces. They told me it probably would be for more than an extra too. Im not going to get my hopes up, but that would be absolutely amazing. So...look out for me in season 1, episode 12 of Knight Rider, which i think will be out around christmas.

So, onto other things. I had Wednesda
y off this week, so Kyle and I went to Waimea Bay. The beach had no swimming signs all around, but there were a ton of people body surfing anyway, so Kyle and I decided to join them. The waves were huge, like 7 to 9 feet! It was extremely intense. My jaw hurts from hitting it on the sand a few times. We took a break for lunch, then headed to rent some body boards, thinking it would be a bit easier than body surfing. So we went back out to Waimea and body boarded, and it was crazy. every once in a while, i would see a huge wave and panic. My theory was that when there was a wave bigger 
than like 7 feet, i swam as hard as i could toward it, so that i could avoid being in the break, cause if you were anywhere infront of th
e break, it would take you down no matter what. Oh man. it was crazy. Today that same beach was closed because someone spotted a shark there. eek.

Family camp was this weekend. There was a haunted house on Friday night and I got to be the vampire. It was awesome. I made fake bites on my neck and everything. I must say, i have some mad skills with making stage makeup wounds, even when all i have to work with is puffy paint and acrylic paint. My bite looked pretty realistic. Unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture that includes the bite, but i did get pictures in general. We made 4 kids cry, so the director declared it successful. haha. I met a lot of cool f
amilies and pretty much worked the climbing wall and alpine tower all weekend.

Oh yea, so I also got netflix since ive been here, and i finally wore down and rented Grey's Anatomy. Now I am addicted. I love it. I also got Ugly Betty and its pretty awesome too. 

Not much else to share. I have tomorrow off, but i dont know what im doing. And tuesday we have a staff outing to Pearl Harbour, which I havent been to yet, but i hear its awesome. Im kinda bummed though, cause that means i cant follow the election stuff, and Im pretty into it lately. I think ill just be on the phone with Diane the whole time, having her give me a play by play. I sent in my ballot about a week and a half vote may be useless to KY, bu
t hey, its the principle behind it. I really should have just registered in HI, then i would know my vote meant something. Oh well. 

Its started to have a bit of an autumn feeling here, and Its perfect. Thats the one thing that i really really miss about KY
, the fall. But, since tuesday, it has smelled a little like fall in the air. I think it also helped that we were doing a lot of "fall" activites with the family camp, like bobbing for apples and painting pumpkins and stuff. I was invited to Chef's house for thanksgiving. I was one of the few selected. Once again, i am proud to be on the good side of the kitchen staff. The swedes werent invited, cause the kitchen doesnt like them, ca
use they have been kinda rude. As Dorothy (Chef) said, "I only invited those of you that I like (which is like 3 people), and I really dont care about the rest. The are swedish, thanksgiving doesnt mean anything to them anyway."

Im starting to get excited about christmas. For those of you who dont know, I have been given a rule in my life by several people that I am not allowed to listen to christmas music or watch christmas movies until the day after thanksgiving. But guess what? none of those people are here, so I started about a month ago....Now I am super excited. I think the idea of coming home for the first time in three months just adds to the excitement and wonder of the christmas season. sooooo excited. 

Aloha! and A dey see yu lata (a bit more pidgin)!

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Ashley said...

Great, now you are going to be Alec Baldwin and I am going to be Danny Baldwin. Please don't let me be Danny Baldwin.