Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day


So I arrived last night at about 6:00 PM, was picked up at the airport by 3 of the other workers here, and headed to camp. I fell asleep at around 9...I couldn't get myself to stay up any later (It was 3 AM KY time). I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, then looked at my phone and realized it was 2 AM I forced myself to sleep til 6. I completed all of my online training this morning, recieved my staff shirts, and will be helping with the campfire tonight. Everyone here is pretty diverse. There are people from New Zealand (referred to as "the Kiwis"), England, Venezuela, and Florida. 
However, I arrived here to find out that most of the people I have met will be leaving in two weeks, and the other group of volunteers should start arriving somewhat soon after. So, at least I wont be the new kid. 
I'm living in a cabin with 4 girls, all of whom are going to be leaving soon. 
I'm going to go play monopoly with them right now, so I'm done with this post. 

(The white house is where I am staying. the top two are the beach on the campgrounds and the other one is just a shot of part of camp)

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miranda said...

Katie!!!! Have you given any critter tours yet? I love that you are in Hawaii and you are playing monopoly... really?? I think also I must seem kinda creepy cause I just decided to check your blog randomly tonight, and you posted like two hours ago. I swear I haven't been checking like every two hours for the past week. Infact I haven't checked since first I ever came to this website. I am not a creep!! Now that I have sufficiently rambled on... I hope you are having so much fun!!