Saturday, September 20, 2008

Waimea Bay

I finally got off of the campgrounds on Thursday night. My friend Kyle took the new swedes, James' (a guy that works here from England) cousin who is visiting, and me to Waimea Bay. There is this amazing jumping rock there that I jumped off of at sunset. It was amazing! There is one side that most people jump off of, with only one rock that you have to avoid, and then there is a "local" side, with lots of rocks. We jumped of the side with one rock. We had to wait for the waves to come in so that we didn't bust our knees on the bottom, so there was an added nervousness from that. I don't even know how I jumped off of it, now that I think about it. It was pretty scary. Especially since we went off at night, and someone had spotted a tiger shark there only like a month ago. I figure that I might as well take some risks while I'm here, and it has been totally worth it so far. After we jumped a few times, we body surfed the waves. They were the biggest waves I have ever seen, and it's not even winter yet. They were about 10 feet high, which is bigger than it seems. I think I still have sand in my hair from riding those waves. Here's a picture of Waimea Bay. The local side is on the left. Can you even imagine that the waves get higher than this rock during the surf season? We also walked to the pipeline, where a bunch of the competitions take place, and it was pretty cool. This picture isnt of us, i just found it on google images, cause I forgot to bring my camera with me while we were there.

I don't really have access to a car here, its kinda frustrating. In order to drive the staff cars, you must be 21, so I can only go out if someone who is 21 and has a hawaiian drivers license wants to go too. One of my friends has his own car though (kyle), so he has promised to take me some places. We do have staff bikes, though. They are not very good bikes, they always make a clicking noise, they barely ever shift, the brakes on one handle were shot, and the handlebars are loose. Not even considering that they are about 4 or 5 inches too short for me, so I have to use muscles that you shouldnt have to use so much when you bike. I rode about 15 miles to the nearest town, Haleiwa (pronounced Haliva), and walked around. It was such a cute little town. I made friends with the owner of a store and got 25 percent off of what I bought. I also got a snowcone, half pineapple and half coconut, but was a bit disappointed and confused, because the pineapple flavor is colored pink, and coconut is blue. I don't like to eat blue things. But i did anyway, cause it was really really hot. 

Not much else to report about at the moment. I don't work til after lunch, but at 4:00 til 10:00 i work in the camp store, so if i think of anything to add, I will.



Ashley said...

Yay for taking risks! You are doing so many cool things and I love reading about them. When do you start surfing? Are ten-foot waves good for surfing, or too small?

Mamussa said...
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