Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ko'u 'A'ahu (My Costume)

Not much to say at the moment, but I do have a few pictures (ones that I took myself, not taken off of "google images"). The first few are from my day off yesterday. I went to the mall in Pearl Ridge with a few friends and we rode a monorail from one side to the other, because it made us feel like we were in Disney World. This is a picture of an actual tree too--it looks like its painted, but its not. It was awesome. Then, my friends who speak spanish as their first language were invited to go talk to a middle school spanish class. I was taken along, because I had no other way to get home, so we went there, the whole class spoke Spanish, and  I barely understood what they were saying (even the 8th graders). It gave me a bit more incentive to learn Spanish. 

The other pictures are by request from courtney, to take a picture of my  "work costume." So, today after work, I took a picture of me in my work costume, which consists of the same red shirt every day (i feel like Doug Funny--I have about 8 of the same shirt in one drawer), shorts (which today I chose some man shorts that the other girls left for me--very comfortable, not the most attractive), and usually tennis shoes. My favorite days are they days I wear board shorts and flipflops. I love board shorts. They are super comfortable. 


Anonymous said...

So I'm jealous. Not gonna lie. When can I come visit?

katiejames. said...
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Ashley said...

excuse me but you have not posted in a long time. are you just sitting around on your butt?